Overwhelmed by the often conflicting advice about pregnancy, birth, and parenting?

Wondering how your partner can best support you during labor and during postpartum healing?

Desiring baby-care instruction and support for healing postpartum?

I’m Mandolin, Owner of Brainy Birth

I specialize in creating AMAZING birth and postpartum experiences.

As a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, Lactation Counselor, crisis counselor, doula trainer, and co-founder of the Birth Languages Method of Childbirth I am committed to helping you have the best experience from pregnancy through postpartum.

I have recently launched a new 9-month group coaching program, the Brainy Birth Postpartum Institute which utilizes my 20 years in women’s health and experience with over 400 families to deliver you the most evidenced-based, balanced, information and coaching to help you create a peaceful, confident postpartum time.  You will receive weekly live Zoom workshops, as well as coaching in our individual group on a range of topics including: baby sleep, feeding, boundary setting, reigniting your sexuality, and identity changes, and so, so much more.


I have a simple recipe to achieve this:

¼ cup of academics

My background in social research and ten years of experience teaching Women’s Studies gives me the ability to truly understand and discuss the latest research in maternal health.

¼ cup of non-judgemental support

I have served as a crisis counselor for over 15 years before becoming a doula and childbirth educator. This background enables me to truly meet you where you are on your birth journey. I specialize in working with women and partners who have histories of trauma.

A heaping cup of trust

Just because I know the research on birth doesn’t mean I know what is best for you. Nope, no way. I give information and trust you and your partner, alongside your care provider, to make the decisions that are right for your family.

2 ¾ cups of couple-centeredness

Birth is primarily a time for the couple to connect and welcome their new baby. I facilitate connection between partners and help partners learn how to provide stellar birth support in our prenatal meeting(s).

A dash of fun

While every birth has serious moments, there also is a lot of time to stop and really enjoy the experience through laughter, humor, and even silliness!


Stir this together with prenatal education, comfort techniques such as massage, acupressure and labor positions, and an awesome one-on-one relationship with you and your partner. Bake as long as needed at 98.6 degrees. Recipe cannot burn or spoil.

Services Offered

Birth Doula Services:

Prenatal care and education combined with continuous labor support from early labor until your baby is born..

  • Unlimited virtual support from pregnancy through 6 weeks postpartum.
  • Two Prenatal Planning sessions
  • One Postpartum visit for support and referrals.
  • Photos during birth (non-professional)
  • Four weeks of 24/7 on call time
  • An authentic rebozo and instruction on its use
  • Birth and postpartum planning booklet

Postpartum Institute:

In this 9 month group coaching program you will receive:

  • Evidence based information on baby feeding (bottle, formula, breast/chest)
  • Emotional support from me, and the Postpartum Institute Community
  • Expert advice on baby sleep, routines, and development
  • A chance to explore identity transformation, your birth story, and more
  • Tools for boundary development and implementation
  • A space to center your relationship and reclaim your sexuality

Pricing and Packages

Birth Doula:

Postpartum Institute:

Childbirth Education

Couples Comfort Measures Workshop

Prepare for birth as a team during this hands-on workshop. This class is excellent on its own, or in addition to a class in a hospital setting. The workshop includes:

  • Labor positions for a safer, easier birth
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Comforting touch, massage, and acupressure
  • Rebozo techniques
  • Emotional support techniques during labor
  • Movement for labor (even with an epidural!)
  • Strategies to work WITH your labor

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“We couldn’t have been happier with our choice to enlist Mandy’s services for the birth of our son. Her presence before, during, and after the event were invaluable and undoubtedly helped ensure that we had a great experience. If you are looking for high-quality childbirth education and doula services, look no further than Mandy!”


“Mandy is a wonderful doula and my husband and I were so thankful to have her be a part of our baby’s birth. We met Mandy when she was the teacher for our childbirth education class and we quickly learned how knowledgeable she was and appreciated her calm and supportive attitude. We decided we wanted to have an unmedicated birth and knew that having a doula’s support would increase the chances of us successfully having this. Mandy met us at the hospital and was a fantastic support, both for me and helping my husband know how to support me as well. Thankfully we had a wonderful experience and were able to have an unmedicated birth. Mandy is a wonderful person and we would highly recommend her!”


“Mandy was amazing! We were so thankful to have her during the entire labor and delivery, especially when nothing went according to our birth plan! It was so nice to have someone there who was not a doctor to help explain things to us, and help us anticipate what was going to happen next. She brought an extremely calming presence to the room, and definitely helped me and my husband keep our heads when we had to make certain decisions. If I had to do it all over again, I would want her there every time!”